We’re easily Scotland’s most cost-effective replacement kitchen door company

You will not find a cheaper way to revamp your kitchen. Brilliant designs, huge range and fantastic quality, direct to you at incredible prices. Put us to the test, we know you won’t get a better deal.

There's no getting away from it, installing a new kitchen can be an expensive business, and one where a high proportion of the costs are often initially hidden.

It's likely for instance that when your floor tiles, wall tiles or laminate flooring was fitted they will have been cut around your existing units and will now likely have to be removed and replaced.

Electric sockets, sinks and appliances are all positioned relative to how your kitchen is currently laid out and when you install a brand new kitchen these things usually end up being replaced or moved, often adding hugely to the cost (and it can be a nightmare sourcing good, reliable and affordable tradesman to carry out the work).

An increasing number of people are realising that it doesn't have to be this way. Most kitchens can be completely transformed by fitting the latest door and drawer front designs. Add a new worktop and you will struggle to remember that it's your old kitchen units underneath. It's a brilliant and cost-effective alternative to an expensive new kitchen.

Whatsmore, our fitters can be in and out in a day, which is much more appealing than the huge mess and hassle that usually accompanies a complete kitchen refit.

We can do as much or as little to your kitchen as you like, from just replacing just a few doors and drawer fronts to adding new appliances, accessories and fitting completely new items such as display cabinets, built-in appliances and new units. We also offer complete new kitchens for those you love our designs and value pricing but want to completely remove their old kitchen.

Why pay more? Call Kitchen Doors Direct on 0800 234 6002 today and see just how much money and hassle you can save.